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If you are in need of expert solutions for warehouse pallet racking, Brisbane, call the professionals here at Total Storage Systems.

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If you are looking for professional and reliable solutions for commercial shelving and pallet racking, Brisbane, then you can count on the experienced professionals here at Total Storage Systems.

We are a national company that has designed, installed, maintained, repaired, and audited some of Australia’s biggest pallet racking facilities.

We are fully accredited to perform Australian Government SafeWork mandated annual safety reports, as well as state-level and corporate OH&S checks.

We also offer a wide range of logistics and warehousing equipment and storage utilities, such as:

  • Packing benches 
  • Staging conveyors
  • Bollards and Warehouse Safety Equipment
  • Bins
  • Totes
  • Safety compliance equipment and more

Our expert consultants, designers, installers, technicians and auditors can provide you with a fully tailored service to meet your businesses unique requirements.

Warehouse pallet racking installation Brisbane

The installation consultants and technicians here at Total Storage Systems are industry leaders in warehouse shelving and pallet racking solutions, Brisbane and Australia wide.

Our experienced team draws from decades of collective experience in our industry. Our warehousing design and engineering team use state-of-the-art auto-cad design software to calculate and optimise your warehouse or storage facility’s capacity, workflow and safety features.

We choose to install world-class, Australian designed Colby® pallet racking systems for all our new installation projects.

If you require storage expansion or warehouse pallet racking on a tight budget, we can source used-pallet racking via our vast industry network. All second-hand pallet racking is inspected and certified to meet or exceed all Australian SafeWork standards.

To find out more about our range of Colby® industrial storage and pallet racking solutions, contact our friendly help desk today to arrange a consultation.

Colby-RACK® Warehouse shelving and pallet racking

We are proud to be an Australian owned company, which is why we choose to install Colby® Australian designed pallet racking and storage systems.

All Colby® components meet or exceed Australian Standards for OH&S, and all parts are readily available nation-wide for maintenance and repairs.

For more information on our diverse range of solutions using Colby® quality pallet racking and storage products, contact one of our expert consultants.

Colby® Protect-a Rack™ is an Australian innovation offering maximum impact protection for all major pallet racking brands worldwide. The Protect-a-Rack system exceeds all safety and OH&S standards and can save you money on costly maintenance and repairs.

Even under stringent OH&S regulations and protocols, accidents still happen. While minor damage to your pallet racking does not pose a significant safety risk and is easily rectified, major impacts can create catastrophic structural failures.

Protect-a Rack™ is cost-effective, easy and quick to install and can be fitted to all major pallet racking brands.

To learn more about the many benefits of the Colby® Protect-a Rack™ system, contact us via phone or email.

In today’s fast-paced world of logistics and storage, maximising storage capacity, optimising your workflow efficiency, and ensuring all safety and OH&S compliances are met is vital to your enterprise.

Our design team is certified in using RackMan® software. RackMan® is a world-leading proprietary software tool designed by the structural engineering team at Dematic.

RackMan® Auto-Cad software takes your storage space and ensures all possible storage space is utilised, traffic-flow is optimised, and all AS4084-2012 OH&S and safety standards are met or exceeded before installation begins.

Warehouse pallet racking maintenance Brisbane

warehouse maintenance

Australia runs on transport and logistics. Our warehouse and distribution centres are critical to our way of life, with over 140-million pallets estimated to be in circulation around the nation at any given time.

With most palletised products and produce moving in and out of racking systems regularly, wear and tear on racking cross members is inevitable.

We offer complete services for all warehouse pallet racking brands, ensuring your storage facility is safe and all OH&S standards are maintained.

Our maintenance services are available for all racking systems, whether installed by our technicians or otherwise. 

Even the most organised warehouses with the strictest safety protocols in place experience accidents. It is compulsory under SafeWork Australia guidelines that all damaged pallet racking be isolated and repaired as soon as possible after the damage has been identified.

We offer general and emergency repair services for all pallet racking Australia wide, including racking installed by third parties or racking brands besides Colby® racking systems. Our highly-experienced and reliable repair technicians understand how stressful and costly racking damage and malfunctions can be to business owners and staff, and they perform all repairs with due diligence.

Our repair teams are punctual, transparent and will ensure your warehouse is back to full operation as soon as possible.

Under Australian federal, state and territory OH&S laws, all commercial pallet racking must be inspected annually by an accredited auditor to ensure it meets current safety standards.

We are fully accredited and authorised to complete annual pallet racking and shelving safety inspections for warehouses Australia wide. Our expert team will provide you with a comprehensive report of their findings and discuss your options for rectifying anything that needs immediate attention.

Failure to have your pallet racking systems inspected could result in government fines or litigation. Contact our friendly staff today to arrange an audit for your storage facility.


Industry-leading total storage solutions

The highly-qualified, experienced and knowledgeable team of storage and pallet racking professionals here at Total Storage Systems are dedicated to offering innovative world-class solutions while providing our clients with exemplary customer service.

For a full rundown on a broad range of services and solutions, contact us today. Send your contact details and enquiry via our online contact porthole, and one of our consultants can contact you at a convenient time.

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