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If you need professional solutions for commercial and industrial pallet racking, {location}, contact the team at Total Storage Systems.

With decades of collective experience, the team here at Total Storage Systems continues expanding their comprehensive range of industry-leading pallet racking solutions Australia-wide.

We are a national, Australian owned company that offer a comprehensive range of storage and pallet racking solutions and for all kinds of commercial industries and enterprises. Our team of storage experts have been involved in the design, development, and installation of some of Australia’s biggest commercial shelving systems and pallet racking facilities.

If you require cutting edge design and integration of commercial storage and pallet racking systems, {location}, contact the Total Storage System.

One-stop Pallet racking solutions {location}

The Total Storage Systems team provides all your commercial shelving system and pallet racking solutions all under one roof, from design and installation to after-sales support.

Our team receives regular training and upskilling to help them remain at the forefront of pallet racking and storage solutions in Australia, New Zealand, and worldwide.

Advantages of professional pallet racking systems

There are many advantages to a business integrating a custom storage and pallet racking system into their enterprise.

Although the initial cost of a modular pallet racking system can be intimidating for many when initially quoted, initial hesitation is generally overcome when the potential return on investment is explained and realised.

Vertical space is often underutilised in many commercial and industrial businesses. Modular pallet racking systems can be engineered to impressive heights without compromising structural strength.

It is worth noting that specialised vehicles like reach forks and aerial pickers may be required for high-bay pallet racking systems. 

Pallet racking and shelving systems are composed of basic individual components that can be modulated and customised to any space; this allows our team to fill all utilised space, from palletised stock to high bay or mezzanine archive storage, the potential is almost unlimited.

Even though Australia has some of the best occupation safety standards globally, there is still an alarming number of accidents and fatalities in the warehouse and logistics sectors. In 2018, there were 38-fatalities and even more injuries in Australia in these industries alone. 

By utilising our Colby® RackMan™ certified design team, you can optimise your storage space and workflow, staging areas, vehicle ingress and egress, and emergency access points to ensure you have done everything possible to make a safer, cleaner and more efficient workplace.


To learn more about the many benefits of professionally designed and installed shelving and pallet racking systems, contact one of our expert consultants today.

Pallet racking and storage consultation {location}

Our experienced storage and pallet racking professionals can help you navigate your new or existing storage space and optimise your logistics or storage operations.

By partnering with our storage design and pallet racking installation and maintenance experts, you can:

  • Maximise storage capacity
  • Create optimised workflow of palletised stock
  • Optimise floor space and workflow
  • Ensure OH&S is met or exceeded
  • Ensure safety standards are met or exceeded
  • Enhance storage organisation and more

By having your warehouse optimised by storage experts, you can create a safer and more efficient workspace, saving you money on workflow interruptions and overtime.

Our consultants will help you obtain a cost-effective solution that falls within your allocated budget while ensuring you meet integration project deadlines.

Colby® RackMan Auto-cad storage design {location}

Colby® RackMan auto-cad software by the innovators a Dematics is a custom-designed program that optimises commercial and industrial shelving and pallet racking systems.

Our designers and engineers will inspect and assess your new or existing facility and input their findings into the industry-leading software.

The RackMan software will then optimise your storage capacity, maximise your workflow and ensure all Australian Standard AS4084-2012 OH&S regulations are met or exceeded before your installation begins.


Our expert pallet racking design and installation team choose to use Australian designed and owned Colby® pallet racking systems for all our new integrations.

Colby® are industry-leaders in pallet racking and shelving systems, and all components meet or exceed all Australian Standard AS4084-2012 specifications and regulations.

To learn more about world-class ColbyRACK® pallet racking and storage solutions, contact one of our expert consultants today.

To learn more about the many benefits of professionally designed and installed shelving and pallet racking systems, contact one of our expert consultants today.

ColbyRack® solutions {location}

Colby® has a comprehensive range of pallet racking solutions for all commercial and industrial applications. 

ColbyRack offers a diverse range of pallet racking and shelving components to create a genuinely customised warehouse or storage space. Examples of Colby’s diverse range of parts include:

No matter if you are a major logistics and distribution company or an industrial warehouse, we can provide you with a range of customisable pallet racking options for your enterprise.

Selective pallet racking offers complete access to all your palletised stock or produce from both sides, allowing for smooth and easy logistics within your storage or distribution complex.

Some of the many benefits of selective pallet racking include:

  • Easy access to all stock
  • Can be designed to fit a myriad of pallet types and sizes
  • Can be tailored for a wide range of applications
  • Easy to adjust or expand and more

Selective racking is one of the most common forms of shelving or pallet racking used in warehousing and logistics.

If you store a lot of one type of product, then double deep racking allows you to fit two pallets deep per bay, maximising your storage capacity. This type of racking may require utilities such as reach forks or reach walkies to access the rear pallet.

Double deep racking also provides more overall structural support allowing you to raise your racking higher and achieving more storage capacity.

If you require a system that allows for constant rotation of palletised stock or produce, pallet flow racking may be the ultimate solution.

Like deep double racking, this system allows you to store two pallets deep. As the front pallet is removed, the second pallet safely shifts forward on a series of rollers allowing you to create a first-in, first-out, or FIFO system in your facility.

Pushback pallet racking is perfect for long-term mass storage. It allows you to store between one to four pallets deep, optimising storage capacity.

Like pallet flow racking, this system allows you to push each pallet back into your racking utilising a track system. As one pallet is removed, the remaining stock seamlessly moves forward for collection, creating the ultimate FIFO system.

Australian designed Colby® drive-in pallet racking allows you to store several pallets deep into your racking system, ideal for long-term storage or mass-storage of one product.

This system, however, is not as applicable in a FIFO situation. Contact one of our knowledgeable consultants to see if this system is suitable for your storage needs.

Narrow aisle racking is perfect for pick and pack operations and storage for pickable components or light-weight fixed carton stock where aerial pickers are used.

Benefits of narrow aisle racing include:

  • Minimising aisle width
  • Cost-effective
  • Versatile range of applications

This style of racking is also ideal in circumstances where a facility has a high roof and limited floor space.

As the name suggests, power racking utilises powered rails in which your racking moves like an office compactus. This allows your picker to access all racking from one convenient aisle.

This type of racking is popular in cold room and freezer facilities or spaces that were not initially designed as storage utilities.

Other storage racking solutions

Colby® racking solutions are versatile and can be tailored for a range of applications across a broad range of industries. 

For all enquiries about potential applications for Colby® racking in your business, call our friendly team today.

Second-hand pallet racking {location}

If you require pallet racking installations or expansions on a budget, we can source used-pallet racking via our extensive industry network. All second-hand pallet racking is inspected and approved, ensuring it meets all OH&S regulations and specifications. 

To learn more about options for integrating seconds pallet racking in your business, contact our consultants by phone or email.

Cold room pallet racking {location}

Well designed and implemented cool room and freezer pallet racking is essential for your food storage or produce distribution facility.

Our expert team of designers have comprehensive experience integrating pallet racking in both small and large scale cool room and freezer facilities and can assist you in negating these challenges and optimising your cool room space.

Colby® conveyor systems

Colby’s offer a range of both static and powered modular conveyor solutions for all logistics and warehouse applications, including carton and pallet conveyors

Colby® carton conveyors {location}

Colby® offers a range of small and large scale carton conveyor options to streamline your internal logistics and create a safer working environment for your staff by reducing repetitive strain injuries.

Examples of the types of conveyor systems we can offer include:

  • Gravity roller conveyors
  • Gravity wheel conveyor
  • Powered Roller conveyors
  • Powered belt conveyors
  • Accumulation conveyors and more

Colby® pallet conveyors {location}

Our extensive range of Colby® pallet conveyors can take your internal logistics operations to the next level. Pallet conveyors can help optimise your system by speeding up processes and creating a safer work environment by reducing the need for utilities like forklifts and pallet trucks.

Colby conveyor utilities

We also stock a range of Colby® conveyor utilities to help fully automate your logistics systems, including:

  • Low to high level adjustable floor-mounted supports
  • Ceiling-hung and cantilever support
  • Double and triple-wide support assemblies and more

To learn more about our extensive range of carton and pallet conveyor systems and accessories, contact our team by phone or send your details via our online contact form, and we can send you a digital brochure.

Warehousing and storage equipment and utilities {location}

As well as shelving and pallet racking, we offer a comprehensive range of essential storage and warehousing operations supplies and OH&S equipment.


We offer a range of benches to help increase productivity, workflow and optimise your facilities general performance.

Examples of the types of bench solutions include:

  • Packing benches {location}
  • Processing benches {location}
  • Staging benches {location}

For a full rundown on our extensive range of products, contact our help desk.

Warehousing equipment {location}

We also offer a wide range of warehousing equipment and utilities to help with general warehousing operations.

Examples of some of our solutions include:

Pallet racking installation and expansion

No matter if you are integrating a brand new pallet racking system or expanding an existing system, our expert installation can tailor fit the ultimate solution into your enterprise.

Our team of highly-trained and experienced installation technicians are punctual, efficient and professional, ensuring your new shelving and pallet racking system is on budget and reaches your deadlines.

We can also install or expand any other pallet racking brand you may have sourced yourself or existing on-site. We can offer a full inspection of your components and ensure they are up to code and safe to install.

Colby® Protect-a-rack™ is an Australian designed, universal pallet racking impact protection system. It can be attached to any type of racking system by any manufacturer.

The Protect-a-Rack system is cost-effective, easy to install and streamlines to all racking configurations.

Our team of professional installers are punctual and can fit your Protect-a-Rack system with minimal interruption to your daily operations.

Our team of pallet racking professionals are dedicated to building lasting client relationships and offering exemplary customer service. 

Our post-sales support is second to none, and you can be assured that we will be here for all enquiries or issues you experience after our installations or expansions are completed.

Our maintenance team can service all types of pallet racking, be it Colby® brand racking or racking systems by another manufacturer. 

Examples of our range of maintenance services could include things such as:

  • Replacement of worn or faulty cross members
  • Removal and replacement of damaged or faulty uprights
  • Replacing safety pins and locking systems
  • Tightening of Dyna-bolts, wall braces and more

Our team is well-versed in all SafeWork Australia compliances and regulations, and we can guarantee your system is maintained to meet or exceed government and in-house OH&S regulations.

Even with the most stringent of OH&S protocols, accidents do happen. Even minor damage to your pallet racking can compromise its structural integrity.

Major impacts on racking systems can result in catastrophic collapses, risk of property damage, stock loss, possible injuries, and even fatalities.

Under SafeWork Australia regulations, all damage to shelving and pallet racking systems must be isolated and rectified as soon as possible. Failure to do so could result in government action or litigation.

Our repair team understands how stressful, disruptive damage to your storage systems can be. Our repair experts are punctual and work diligently with total transparency to ensure your warehouse or storage facility is back to full operation as soon as possible after an incident.

It is vital to perform regular safety audits on all pallet racking systems. Pallet racking can take a lot of punishment from constant use, and failure to ensure your racking is in satisfactory condition could result in avoidable risks to structural integrity.

Whether you require a one-off inspection or wish to book regularly scheduled inspections, our team of expert inspectors can ensure your facility is always up to government-mandated and in-house OH&S code.

Under Australian Standard AS4084-2012, it is mandatory for all pallet racking to receive an annual inspection by a government accredited auditor.

Things that may be inspected during a mandatory annual pallet racking inspection can include:

  • Ensuring racking is level
  • Checking load capacities are being adhered to
  • Checking for dents in cross members and uprights
  • Assessing for rust and more

Our team of expert pallet racking auditors are fully government certified to inspect all types of pallet racking and shelving systems Australia-wide. To book an inspection by our expert pallet racking inspection team, contact our friendly inspection staff today.


Industry-leading Pallet racking solutions

The Total Storage Systems team offer industry-leading solutions for pallet racking, {location} and Australia-wide. Our diverse group of professionals can address all aspects of shelving and pallet racking solutions across any industry.

We are dedicated to excellence in our field and settle for nothing less than complete client satisfaction. To speak to one of our experienced consultants, call today by phone or email. Send your details and enquiry via our online contact porthole, and we can contact you at a convenient time.

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