Protect-a-Rack System

Colby protect-a-rack protection products include end-of-aisle guards, Colby’s Protect-a-Rack upright protector, and Rear Upright Protectors.

Even the best forklift drivers have accidental collisions with racking. While worst-case scenarios involving a rack collapse are rare, impact damage weakens the racking structure, compromising its load carrying capacity and potentially putting both property and life at risk. Where just a 5mm upright deflection weakens a racking system so badly that it should be replaced, preventing damage is a safety priority and a huge cost saving.

Colby’s range of rack protection products include end-of-aisle guards, Colby’s Protect-a-Rack upright protector, and the newly introduced Rear Upright Protector.

These profiled, heavy-duty steel guards deflect forklift impact forces away from the upright, virtually eliminating damage.

Protect-a-Rack comes in a range of configurations to fit normal selective racking, racking with low beams, and Carton Live Storage.

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Download Our Warehouse Shelving Brochure

Our comprehensive warehouse shelving range includes everything from steel shelving to carton live storage, making our selection of industrial shelving a practical solution to any of your storage needs.


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Our Longspan Shelving Systems are light-duty shelves that will make general-purpose storage easier than ever for items like boxes, cartons, and totes, as well as archive files, and a host of other light-weight products.


Complete industrial protect a rack solutions

The crew here at Total Storage Systems draw from decades of collective experience in our industry. We can provide versatile, tailored solutions for commercial shelving and pallet racking for any industry and businesses of all sizes.

We are driven by excellence in our field and endeavour to remain on the cutting edge of pallet racking and storage technology and innovation worldwide.

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