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The Total Storage Systems team offers complete solutions for shelving and pallet racking systems, Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. 

We are a national company that specialises in Colby® pallet racking and storage systems. Our team offer a comprehensive range of pallet racking solutions and services

Our consultants, installers and auditors are fully accredited to perform government-mandated annual audits. 

We offer our audit, repair and maintenance services for all existing commercial and industrial racking and shelving, including brands other than Colby®, and systems installed by other integrators.

Pallet racking systems

Our experienced team has the knowledge, experience and capacity to tailor-fit customised pallet racking systems for your commercial or industrial enterprise. Our team of expert consultants, designers and installers can optimise your freight-flow and maximise the storage space of your operations, storage or warehouse facility.

Selective racking, also known as ‘long-span racking,’ is versatile, is easily accessible, and can be serviced by nearly any type of Lift vehicle, including:

  • Forklifts
  • Reachtrucks
  • Counterbalance
  • Walkie and more

Selective racking is cost-effective and can be customised to fit any space, from small stock holding bays to large commercial warehouses.

Double deep racking is an excellent option for companies that stock a lot of one or a few products. This racking style allows you to slide palleted stock or equipment double-deep into the space, allowing you to maximise your storage space. 

This type of pallet racking may require a specific fork truck type, such as a double deep reach truck, or a reach walker. 

Narrow aisle racking is a great way to optimise space or create a pin’n’pack system utilising electrical aerial order pickers for fixed carton stock.

These systems are a great way to save space when picked products or stock do not require forklifts or reach forks due to heavy weights. This is also an excellent option for high bay designs to maximise space in high-roofed warehouses

Colby® Drive-In pallet racking systems are an Australian innovation. This system offers many of the same benefits as selective racking systems by enabling you to store several pallets deep. Drive-in Pallet racks are an excellent option for high-density warehousing where a FIFO picking protocol is not required.

Contact one of our expert consultants to determine if the Colby® Drive-In pallet racking system may be suitable for your pallet staging requirements.

Pushback racking is ideal for long-term mass storage of palletised produce or stock. It allows pallets to be stored two, three and even four-deep into your racking. The pallets are lowered onto a track system that will enable palettes stock to be pushed back or slid forward as pallets are moved in and out.

Like pallet flow racking, you can install pushback pallet racks to create a FIFO system where pallets behind the rack face will automatically slide to the front for regular collection.

For industries that require constant stock rotation for dispatch, this type of racking can be the best solution. Also known as live pallet storage, these racks are installed on inclined runners with rollers on a track.

The stored pallets can then be arranged for automatic rotation or first-in, first-out (FIFO) picking. As one pallet is removed, the one behind will safely roll into position, ready for collection and dispatch.

If you need to install or expand a pallet racking system on a budget, we can provide options for second-hand pallet racking systems, either supplied by us or sourced from our extensive industry network.

All second-hand racking is checked and tested to ensure it meets all safety standards and complies with all OH&S and government compliances.

To learn more about second-hand pallet racking systems, contact our helpful consultants today.

Contact one of our expert consultants to determine if the Colby® Drive-In pallet racking system may be suitable for your pallet staging requirements.

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Protect-a-Rack system

Accidents happen in warehouses where staff adhere to the most stringent OH&S compliances; and statistics show that incurring some damage to your racking system over time may be inevitable. 

However, you can maximise your racking system’s protection by fitting it with Colby’s Protect-a-Rack™ pallet rack protection system.

Colby’s Protect-a-Rack™ system offers maximum impact protection and reinforcement of critical structural components such as:

  • End-of-aisle guards
  • Upright protectors
  • Rear upright protectors and more

All Protect-a-Rack™ components:

  • Are made from heavy-duty steel
  • Can be fitted to most popular brands of pallet racking
  • Require minor modification to your existing racking
  • Are quick to install and cost-effective
  • Streamline with your current racking system
  • Are patented and certified by Australian Standard authorities

If you wish to learn more about Colby® Protect-a-Rack pallet racking protection systems, send your enquiry via email, or contact one of our consultants today.

Other Total Storage Systems solutions

The pallet racking experts at Total Storage Systems offer complete warehousing, staging and storage solutions for small to large enterprises.

Examples of our other solutions also include:

  • Raised storage areas
  • Carpet racking 
  • Cable racking 
  • Structural Mezzanine systems and more

We can supply our clients with all utilities you would need to run an optimised warehouse, including:

Packing benches and conveyors

Picking carts

Warehouse safety bollards

Warehouse pedestrian barriers

Small and large trolleys



Safety compliance equipment and more

For further enquiry into our comprehensive range of commercial and industrial pallet racking and shelving system solutions, call one of our experienced and knowledgeable staff members today.


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