Pallet Racking Repairs

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The team here at Total Storage Systems are industry-leaders in storage solutions and pallet racking systems, Brisbane and Australia-wide. Our experienced storage professionals have designed and implemented some of the country’s most extensive storage and pallet racking facilities.

We are a proudly Australian owned company specialising in Australian owned and designed Colby® pallet racking and storage systems.

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Pallet racking repairs Brisbane

Warehouses and storage facilities can be hives of activity. There is often a range of freight vehicles, palletised stock, staff and high-risk vehicles like fork trucks, reach forks and walkies in circulation at any given time.

Even with the most comprehensive OH&S and safety protocols in place, incidents involving impact to your pallet racking and shelving are common, and accidents do happen.

Minor impacts to your pallet racking systems are often uneventful, and maintenance and repairs can be performed quickly and without much interference to normal operations.


However, significant impacts on your rackings structure can be catastrophic, causing substantial damage to stock and property and risking potential critical injury to staff and bystanders, and in some scenarios, even possible fatalities.

Under SafeWork Australia regulations, all damaged pallet racking and shelving must be reported and inspected for structural integrity immediately. If deemed unsafe or noncompliant, the system’s damaged components must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

From minor dents and concerns to major incident repairs, the team of expert pallet racking repair technicians here at Total Storage Systems can ensure your storage and staging system is repaired, compliant and back in full operation as soon as possible.

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Pallet racking audits and safety inspections

In accordance with Australian Standard AS 4084:2012, all industrial grade shelving and pallet racking systems must be inspected by an accredited OH&S and safety auditor at least every 12-months. Failure to comply could result in litigation and fines issued by your federal or state governing bodies. 

 Regularly scheduled audits with our expert inspection team are the best way to negate potential hazards and stay on top of your rackings wear and tear. 

To learn more about your legal obligations regarding pallet racking maintenance, repair and safety, or to book an inspection and audit with one of our expert consultants, contact us by phone today, or send your enquiry via email.


Total pallet racking and storage solutions

The highly-qualified and experienced team here at Total Storage Systems have a track record for excellence in their field and strive to provide the highest quality of customer service for our clients.

We are dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions to help Australian storage and logistics professionals safe in their workplace.

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