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The Total Storage Systems team are industry-leaders for storage systems and pallet racking, Brisbane. We are a national company that has been responsible for the planning, designing, installation, maintenance, repair and auditing of some of Australia’s biggest pallet racking facilities.

We choose to use Australian designed Colby® pallet racking whose ingenious designs, quality fabrication, and superior engineering meet or exceed all Australian standards, OH&S compliances and safety specifications.

Our repair, maintenance, protection, auditing and reporting services are available for all new or existing pallet racking systems even if they are not Colby® brand racking.

Read on to learn more about our extensive range of solutions for shelving and pallet racking, Brisbane and Australia wide.

Pallet racking Brisbane

We offer complete design, installation and post-sales services for all small and large scale pallet racking solutions, Brisbane and Australia wide. Examples of our complete pallet racking and shelving solutions include:

Selective or ‘long-span’ racking allows full access to your staging bays at all times, from both sides. This pallet racking type is the most common type used in most warehousing scenarios and is perfect for stock that rotates regularly.

Double deep pallet racking doubles the capacity of your single-bay selective racking, allowing two-pallet deep storage of your standard-sized pallets.

A reach-fork, extendable walkie or similar utility vehicle may be required for this style of pallet racking.

If your business requires systems for constantly revolving palletised stock, then pallet flow racking can provide you with an optimal solution for your incoming and outgoing stock or produce.

This system works by utilising bays of inclined runners, allowing you to stack several pallets deep. As one pallet is removed, the next pallet safely rolls forward, providing you with a FIFO (first-in, first-out) system of stock rotation.

Power racking acts as an electrified office compactus for your palletised stock. Your pallet racking moves along with an electric-powered track system, allowing your picker or storeman to access all your inventory via one isle.

This type of system is popular in cool-room and freezer facilities with high ceilings and limited floor space. To find out if a power racking system is appropriate for your businesses applications, contact our knowledgeable staff today.

If you run a long-term pallet storage facility, then pushback racking can offer an optimised space-saving solution for your warehouse. This system allows you to push pallets from two to four pallets deep on a track system.

Pushback racking allows you to develop a FIFO system similar to a flow-racking solution, allowing stock to shift forward after the front pallet has been removed securely.

This Australian designed and made system by Colby® is another ideal option for long term storage or large capacity staging of one palletised product, allowing you to store pallets between two-four deep.

This system does not offer a FIFO solution as pallets do not automatically slide to the front. To learn more about this system, speak to our friendly consultants to determine if this solution is appropriate for your situation.

Narrow aisle racking solutions are a versatile option for pick and pack operations and are often set as shelving systems that allow picker/packers to access pick stock via an aerial picker.

This system is ideal for warehouses with high ceiling capacities but limited floor space.

If you require new installs, repairs or expansions on a tight budget, we can source second-hand racking for your storage space via our extensive industry network.

All second-hand racking is inspected and passed for all Australian safety standards and OH&S compliances.

Our Colby® pallet racking systems are robust, cost-effective and reliable, and offer the opportunity to upsize or downgrade as your staging and storage requirements change.

Colby® Protect-a-Rack™

Even the most OH&S optimised warehousing space will experience minor accidents from time to time, and racking can always be repaired with minimal fuss. However, a significant impact to your racking can be catastrophic, resulting in lost stock, major damage and possible risk of critical injury or even loss of life.

Colby’s Australian designed Protect-a-Rack™ system offers maximum protection for all leading brands of pallet racking and shelving systems.

All Colby® Protect-a-Rack™ components:

  • Are made from high-quality, heavy-duty steel
  • Are installed quickly and with minimal interruption to business
  • Are cost-effective
  • Are patented and certified by Australian regulatory bodies
  • Exceed all standards for safety and OH&S

These minimalist additions to your racking system streamline with your current system and consist of:

  • End-of-aisle guards
  • Upright protectors
  • Rear upright protectors and more

For more information about having a Colby® Protect-a-Rack™ system fitted to your pallet racking system, contact one of our friendly consultants today.

Other TSS solutions

The team here at Total Storage Systems can provide you will every solution needed to run your shelving and pallet racking facilities.

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And more!

For a complete list of our warehousing and storage solutions, contact our helpdesk by phone or email.


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