Carton Live Storage (CLS)

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Carton Live Storage is used for split case picking (where a box is opened and a quantity is picked as part of an order from that box).

Either free standing or as part of a racking system Carton Live Storage gives you the benefit of a condensed pick face with reserve stock ready to roll forward once the empty carton is removed.

This system is most commonly used for medium moving items of a smaller nature.

Well known for its robust design and reliable performance, Colby CLS is a purpose-built shelving solution designed to enhance picking performance in distribution centres.

In Colby CLS, the pick face is condensed by storing reserve stock in lanes on inclined, wheeled tracks. As a result, the distance order pickers need to walk when assembling orders is reduced. As cartons are emptied and removed from the pick face, reserve stock gently rolls into place providing rapid replenishment and automatic stock rotation.

Colby CLS is most frequently used to store fast-moving products that are picked as split cases.  It is commonly combined with Colby CONVEYORS to further speed picking and packing operations.

Download Our Warehouse Shelving Brochure

Download Our Warehouse Shelving Brochure

Our comprehensive warehouse shelving range includes everything from steel shelving to carton live storage, making our selection of industrial shelving a practical solution to any of your storage needs.


Download Our Longspan Shelving Brochure

Our Longspan Shelving Systems are light-duty shelves that will make general-purpose storage easier than ever for items like boxes, cartons, and totes, as well as archive files, and a host of other light-weight products.


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